Prevention of HBV Mother-to-child-transmission (MTCT)

This preliminary study is funded by ANRS France and aims to collect data on MTCT of HBV in Senegal, West Africa.

We will screen 2,000 mothers and their 14 week old children in Senegal, one of the most endemic countries for HBV in Africa. In Senegal, since 2016, the HBV birth dose vaccine is now provided for free by the Senegalese Ministry of Health. As part of the Expanded Programme of Immunization, HBV screening will target 14 weeks old children and their mothers visiting postnatal services.


ArrowPrincipal investigators

ProfCoumba Toure Kane Professor Coumba Toure-Kane (IRESSEF-Dakar, Senegal)

DrMaud Lemoine Professor Maud Lemoine (Imperial College London, UK)