The number of deaths related to HBV in Africa might double by 2050 unless steps are taken now to treat Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B

Although high alcohol consumption is one of the main causes of cirrhosis in Europe and North America, in many Asian and African countries hepatitis B virus is the most common cause of chronic liver disease and mainly affects young people.

PROLIFICA hepatitis B research activities currently focus on four main objectives:

  1. Demonstrate that screening for chronic hepatitis B and treatment of the infection is an effective way of reducing the burden of liver cancer in Africa
  2. Develop simplified diagnostic and monitoring algorithms in order to scale-up screen-and-treat interventions and eventually eliminate HBV in Africa
  3. Assess the rate and risk factors of liver disease progression in the African environment
  4. Identify strategies adapted to the African setting to prevent early transmission of the virus

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HBVSource: WHO, 2017